School II

It has been a very long time since my previous post. Ever since I started my German course, I didn’t have much time to write my blog, but now I’m back.

Continuing with the previous topic, we’re talking about school in Malaysia and Germany. In my previous post, I mentioned points where I think the German education and school are better. In this post today, I would talk about some parts where the Malaysian school are better. Once again, there are purely my own opinion and based on my own experience.

So before I came to Germany, we were told that the exchange year was going to be a tough year. There would be times where we would feel down, of course, there would times where you feel so good that you don’t ever feel like going back. What we were told at that time was to occupy our self. One of the suggestions was to join a school club. Being a very active person in co-curricular activities, I was ready to join different clubs in my school in Germany.

However, before I started school, I asked my host brother about the school system. It turns out that the school only has one or two clubs and it is not compulsory for students to join a club. I was surprised. My host brother also mentioned that he felt that it would be better if their schools had clubs for students to join.

This is where I think the Malaysian school is better. In Malaysia, every student was required to join clubs. It’s true that many students prefer to focus on academics and would just ignore their co-curricular activity. However, there are students who excel in their co-curricular activities as well. This group of people might not perform academically as well as those who focus purely on academics, but they will surely learn a lot of soft skills and interpersonal skills. These are skills that are very much required in the market nowadays.

Once again, these are just purely my own opinion and experience. However, I have to admit and it is proven that students from my high school, Catholic High School, are very outstanding when they go to college in Malaysia. I think this is very much related to the fact that they were very active in co-curricular activities in high school.

However, I am grateful that my high school in Malaysia provides us with many resources for us to learn and explore. I am fully aware that not all schools enjoy privileges me and my schoolmates enjoyed.

In the modern day where soft skills and interpersonal skills are so in demand, I think it is very good that students have the opportunity to gain these skills since high school as this really saves the students a lot of time and effort when they start their career.

So this is one part where I think Malaysian schools or my school in Malaysia at least, is better than my current school in Germany.


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