Finding Yourself

4 months have passed, since I came on an exchange program. For the past two weeks, I was in a city called Konstanz in the south of Germany. We rode around a lake, Bodensee which was the largest lake in Germany. We rode for around 30 to 40 kilometers everyday and in total we rode [...]

Things To Expect If You’re Becoming An Exchange Student

Going on an exchange program is a very profound experience, it is something that you can't really describe in words or be shown through pictures. I do not want to spoil the experience by going too much into details, but just some heads up for those that are considering becoming an exchange student. Exchange students [...]

I Wonder

"What makes a perfectly fine family want to take in someone from another country with a different language and culture that might in the end cause total chaos?" That was exactly what I was wondering about when I was swinging on the hammock last weekend at Leppinsee (Leppin Lake). Last weekend I went to Leppinsee [...]