The Bradenburger Tor or the Bradenburg Gate is one of Europe's most famous landmarks. Today, I decided to go and have a look for myself. It was a spontaneous decision. I decided to go at 11.00 am and left the house at 12.00 pm. I didn't even really have time to look up how to [...]

Erfurt I

On Thursday, we traveled to Erfurt to celebrate Easter with Heidi, my host mother's sister and her husband Georg. I also met Christoph, my host father, Sophie and Frieda, my host sisters, Flo, Marian, Simone, Johanna, Stefen, Steffi, Malik and Friederick. It was a 3 hour car ride from Berlin to their house. They lived [...]

Mitte, Berlin

This morning, I just took a walk around my house and it was simply breathtaking. The buildings around Berlin were all only about 6-story high. The tallest building in Berlin was the TV tower. There were no skyscrapers other than that one building and there were trees everywhere. Near my house there is an Wasserturm [...]