I Wonder

"What makes a perfectly fine family want to take in someone from another country with a different language and culture that might in the end cause total chaos?" That was exactly what I was wondering about when I was swinging on the hammock last weekend at Leppinsee (Leppin Lake). Last weekend I went to Leppinsee [...]

Erfurt I

On Thursday, we traveled to Erfurt to celebrate Easter with Heidi, my host mother's sister and her husband Georg. I also met Christoph, my host father, Sophie and Frieda, my host sisters, Flo, Marian, Simone, Johanna, Stefen, Steffi, Malik and Friederick. It was a 3 hour car ride from Berlin to their house. They lived [...]

Goodbye Malaysia

Last night at 7.30pm, I walked past the gate into the immigration and start my journey to Germany. I cried. The moment I saw my mother cry, tears fell from my eyes. I walked into the immigration then to my boarding gate. I had to travel to Singapore first to transit to Frankfurt and lastly [...]