School I

Everything said in this post is purely based on my own experiences and purely my own views. It has been a month here in Germany and also a month attending school here in Germany. There are a lot of things that differ between the German education system and the Malaysian education system. In my opinion, [...]

Day 22

Today is my 22nd day here in Germany. I witnessed a lot of things and a lot of things has changed. The past weekend, I met with other exchange students in Germany. Some were from Costa Rica, some from Brazil, some from Japan, one each from Argentina and Guatemala. I never asked what their goal [...]


The Bradenburger Tor or the Bradenburg Gate is one of Europe's most famous landmarks. Today, I decided to go and have a look for myself. It was a spontaneous decision. I decided to go at 11.00 am and left the house at 12.00 pm. I didn't even really have time to look up how to [...]

Being An "Austauschschüler"

This is my second week in Germany, time passes by quickly I guess. "Austauschschüler" means exchange student. It's not easy being an exchange student, for me at least.Many people were jealous of me when they knew I was coming to Germany for an exchange year. At that very moment, I told myself how lucky I [...]